Is your wallpaper washable? is it water proof?

Yes, all our wallpaper is washable. This has to be done with a damp cloth. You cannot use any abrasive cleaning agents as this will damage it.


No, there is no such thing as fully waterproof wallpaper. Excessive water exposure puts the wallpaper at risk of being damaged.

How long can SkiptonWall wallpaper last?

Wallpaper that is correctly installed and properly cared for by limiting exposure to direct sunlight can easily last 10 to 20 years. It is very durable as long as it is not exposed to water leaks from behind the wall or other external factors.

Can I install SkiptonWall wallpaper myself?

Our wallpaper is very easy to install. You can find many installation tutorial videos on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your stores located?

Please visit our Contact Us page to view location maps.

Where is SkiptonWall wallpaper manufactured?

SkiptonWall Wallpaper is manufactured in many different countries around the world.


Our wallpaper in manufactured in England, Germany, Japan, Italy, France and Belgium, to name a few.


Our factories manufacture our paper in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards. We've taken measures to ensure that the raw materials used in the manufacturing process are environmentally friendly.

Do you sell online? Can you deliver to my home?

Yes, we currently sell online. We have not yet added a pay online feature, so all of our orders will be paid cash on delivery.


We currently offer delivery throughout the UAE. For orders over AED 500, we offer free delivery. For orders below AED 500, there is a delivery charge of AED 25.